Anxiety Clinic

Sessions take place in a pleasant & nuturing environment and unlike many other therapies there is no need to dig up old hurts and dwell on the past. This is a solution focused approach - so creating a better version of yourself.


  • Learn what anxiety is...

  • Understand why anxiety is effecting you

  • Learn techniques to regain control

  • Reduce/elliminate the symptoms of anxiety

  • Recognise and take control of negative emotions

  • Change anxious thoughts and outdated beliefs

  • Break old patterns and reframe for a positive perspective

  • Feel confident in coping with new or challenging situations

  • Remain calm and positive

Of course prices include use of the relaxation rooms following your treatment. Stay for as long as you choose and help yourself to a cuppa...


​"I only had one session and was going to come for more, but I have actually not had any anxiety since I came to see you.
I can't thank you enough, you are really amazing at your job! I've recommended you to my friends."



"Over the last couple of years I have worked with many women with anxiety. The vast majority see a huge difference within four sessions. Of course everyone is different and there are no guarantees, but YOU now have a choice to reduce and even eliminate anxiety from your life.

It's actually an eye opener to see how many people live with negative thoughts & emotions as well as the physical symptoms that anxiety causes. As many of my clients are finding out... this no longer needs to be the case - you can regain a sense calmness and contentement throughout your life." Gemma Webster