Home Relaxation

Nothing beats a one to one session with a qualified hypnotherapist, but there are all types of reasons that clients are unable to see a therapist in person. Perhaps you are pressed for time - you may work long & unsociable hours - you may not have a hypnotherapist working in your area - or you may simply feel more comfortable experiencing hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home without having to speak to anyone (for a change).





Mental Switch Off - Deep Physical Relaxation -

Mindfulness - Confidence - Self Esteem - Worry & Anxiety - Balance - De-Stress

Personalised Hypnotherapy MP3's

Custom Made MP3's are £60


The MP3 comprises of one recording. For optimal and convenient listening track time is approx. 20 minutes. The softly spoken word is accompanied by wonderful meditative music.

Busy Ladies

This one is especially for you! After attending many Ladies Networking Meetings and talking to Busy Mums, it is quite apparent that we have a number of things in common...

1. Drive, commitment and passion about what we do

2. Feeling stretched in many directions

3. Tough emotional decisions

4. Knowing a little more R&R would make us more productive BUT...

5. Also knowing work/life balance is really challenging - and its usually our needs that get put to the bottom of the list!

Time for a change in priorities? Switch On to Switch Off™

What difference will 20 minutes relaxation mean for you?

Order Process


  • Contact Gemma Webster to register your interest & ask questions

  • Make payment

  • Complete questionnaire to establish your exact requirements

  • Receive your custom made MP3 via email

  • Start listening and enjoying the benefits hypnotherapy can bring to you!


Please contact me to register your initial interest and discuss your requirements. Once you decide to go ahead you can pay paypal. Once payment is received you will then the pre-recording questionnaire.  As soon as I receive your requirements I can start working on your personalised hypnotherapy recording. You will receive the MP3 via e-mail after your questionnaire is returned. You can start listening straight away in the comfort of your home - All I ask is that you contact me to say how much better you feel! Knowing I have made a difference is a key part of the motivation for the work I do.

All information is strictly private and confidential. Please read: Terms & Conditions You will be asked to indicate that you have read these before the recording is dispatched.

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