Hypnotherapy for Birth

  • You may like the sound of a calm and peaceful birth where you are fully in control

  • You may wish to see yourself gently welcoming your baby into the world in your own confident way

  • You may hope to intuitively understand and respond to the needs of your body and feel strong birthing instincts

Congratulations you are having a baby!

I hope your pregnancy is going well. The chances are if you are reading this you are probably looking for something to alleviate your anxieties surrounding pregnancy and birth. You are not alone. From the moment you start trying to get pregnant through to realisation that you are pregnant; most minds become a rollercoaster of worries, questions and decisions. (Mixed with joy and excitement!)  


So what do you already know about pregnancy and birth? Some women may have chequered memories of birth education from school days, others learn from mothers and family, some remember birth stories from friends and colleagues, and others learn through television and other media. Perhaps you already have your own birth experience?


Birth knowledge varies from woman to woman, but generally the concept of fear, pain and anxiety resonate with most. In plain speaking: Many women are scared of birth - Hypnobirthing can truly help with this.


Hypnobirthing provides a natural alternative to a medicalised birth.


For any woman who is looking for a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing is tried & tested. I have personally supported many women & their birth partners and what's more I have first hand experience of hypnobirthing with two wonderful instinct and normalised births.

If you are still unsure after reading the material in this site - please give me a call to discuss your requirements...

Some women spend the whole 9 months of their pregnancy with the bittersweet anticipation of their baby’s birth looming over them. Many women never even consider that giving birth could be anything but ‘horrendous’. If you are still reading, you have just found the opportunity of giving birth another way. Birth can be a calm and positive experience.


Antenatal relaxation & preparation is the key to achieving a positive birth experience. There are excellent locally run NHS and NCT classes which address many practical elements of pregnancy and birth such as bathing and feeding your baby. Traditional parent craft classes also address the medicalised side of birth - such as hospital policy, pain relief options, and give you the opportunity to look around the hospital facilities.


Hypnobirthing offers a natural alternative to pain relief. Hypnosis can empower you to experience a positive birth without drugs and embrace a natural birthing experience. Techniques can be used no matter how your birth unfolds - the aim is to remain in a calm and positive mindset.

Hypnobirthing does not guarantee a pain free birth (though for some women this is entirely possible).


                                              Sessions will be focused on:

                                              - Reframing limiting beliefs and let go of fears surrounding birth

                                              - Understanding the mind-body connection

                                              - How hypnosis will work for you...

                                              - Birthing in rest and relax mode

                                              - Breathing techniques

                                              - Setting the scene

                                              - Releasing tensions

                                              - Informed choice 

Clinical Evidence supports the fact hypnosis is a safe and effective

* shorter labour

* reduced use of pain medication

* higher Apgar scores (measurement of the baby’s well being at the birth)

* reduced surgical delivery (Caesarean delivery and forceps)

Hypnobirthing at Ribby Hall takes place in the cosy double treatment rooms. All sessions are held on a one-to-one basis to enable me to fully tailor to your personal requirements. Includes MP3 for birth practice.

Prices from £65 please contact me for full details


What Happens In The Womb Can Last A Lifetime


Pregnancy Relaxation

available on 1:1 basis

• Relaxation & rejuvenation • Bonding time together • Cope with stress • Take time out from day to day responsibilities • Experience deep physical relaxation • Get rid of mental clutter • Balance & energize





Letting Go

Hypnotherapy will help you to release your fears and anxiety surrounding birth