Anxiety & Worry

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Anxiety is treated holistically - that is the whole person and their individual background and circumstances are taken into consideration. It isn't uncommon for people to experience various types of anxiety and at varying intensity. Anxiety and worry is usually focused upon what the future holds, but an anxious state can also lead to depression. Whichever type or level of intensity of anxiety, negative thinking and self imposed barriers can really make you miserable.


Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you to:

  • Recognise and take control of negative emotions

  • Change anxious thoughts and outdated beliefs

  • Break old patterns and reframe for a positive perspective

  • Feel confident in coping with new or challenging situations

  • Remain calm and positive

What does 'Anxiety' mean for you?


Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. It is a mental and/or physical feeling of unease about something, nothing or everything. You may feel anxious about something specific, for example: public speaking, flying or going to the dentist. Or your anxiety may be more non-specific - you may find it difficult to put your finger on exactly what is causing you to worry - but non the less you experience anxious emotions.


Anxiety often causes deep mental unrest as worries and negative thoughts spin around the mind, but excessive worry can also present physical symptom such as muscle tension, upset tummy, headaches etc...


You may find that you are changing your behaviour because of anxiety. For example, you may find yourself avoiding certain people or situations because of the uncomfortable emotions that are generated. You may experience changes in appetite or sleep patterns or you may be drinking or smoking more as a way of coping with your anxiety.


The severity of anxiety can range from feeling a little bit nervous to completely phobic and may come and go or may be ever present.

Types of Anxiety


Generalised Anxiety - Everything & Anything - all-the-time.

Feeling worried or anxious about many things or nothing at all for extended periods of time.


Social Anxiety/Phobia - Public Speaking, Making Friends, Small Talk, Interviews...

Fear of criticism or fear of being judged and humiliated may be at the heart of your social anxiety. Past experience may be shaping the way in which you are viewing your future...


Phobia - Extreme fear of....

A phobia is anxiety in extreme form. Much more than a worrying thought, a phobia is where you experience extreme fear and would go to almost any length to avoid 'that thing'.


OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ongoing unwanted thoughts may lead to ritual coping mechanisms to help relieve anxiety.


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Acute anxiety as a result of a traumatic event.


Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

All forms of anxiety may lead to panic attacks. That state where you think this is the end. Commonly: heart palpitations - short of breath - dizziness - overwelming terror. Panic Disorder is where an individual is having panic attacks on a regular basis. 


It is always recommend  that you consult your GP if you have any concerns regarding anxiety or depression.


Dating Anxiety: "I only had one session and was going to come for more, but I have actually not had any anxiety since I came to see you.
I can't thank you enough, you are really amazing at your job! I've recommended you to my friends."