​Hypnotherapy: Relax & Resolve


When was the last time you were fully relaxed?

Life is a continuous and powerful stream.


Professional work, cleaning, caring for the unrelentless needs of children (and parents), relationship demands, dealing with money matters, cooking, exercising, socialising... Worrying, stressing, regretting, fretting, planning, controlling, forgetting.


Few people ever get the time they truly deserve to relax and most importantly resolve their issues from within. Women are so caring by nature, but often we forget about ourselves. All too often emotional feelings are swept under the carpet, occasionally spilling out in tears, sadness and anger, but are rarely fully resolved.

Relaxation is where the healing is at...


In essence, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation. So whatever the issue most people find hypnotherapy to be a fully relaxing and enjoyable experience. All hypnotherapy sessions are carried out in a safe and comfortable environment giving you the opportunity to fully unwind.



We all have 'issues'!



Anxiety, Insomnia, Infertility, Weight Loss, Hypnobirthing, Baby Bonding, Smoking Cessation, Coping with Crying, Binge Drinking, Breastfeeding, Nail Biting, Menstrual issues...To be honest the list goes on & on. Every single one of us has that 'lurking something'. And if the truth be known: It is something that you want to change.


With all the best intentions and the strongest will in the world you would think that it would be easy to make changes. Intentions and will certainly play a large part in hypnotherapy and it is essential that you recognise that the changes you are making are for you and not to please anyone else.

Sometimes though, intentions and desire are not enough. On a conscious level you may understand where you want to be, but something on a deeper level is blocking you from getting there. This is block is your subconcious mind. Each of us are born with, and delevop a complex set of beliefs, behaviours and emotions, all of which are stored in the unconcious part of the brain.


Our unconscious mind is there to protect us. Often it is impossible to consciously access the deeply hidden memories and beliefs needed to make a change. Hypnotherapy can allow you to access the subconscious and literally update outdated beliefs, release negative emotions and create a positive mindset for the future.


At Calm & Contented Hypnotherapy you can expect:

  • All shared information is strictly private & confidential

  • All sessions are tailored to your personal circumstances & condition

  • Specialist sessions for pregnancy, birth and motherhood

  • High standard of dedicated care & attention guaranteed (CNCH  NCH acc.)


How many sessions will I need?

My aim is to make a change as quickly as possible! After the first session I will be able to give you a better idea of the number of treatments that you require. The number of sessions required is dependent upon the type of treatment that you are seeking and your individual circumstances, goals and expectations.


Some clients see amazing results after only one session - for others it can take longer. Most clients have two to four sessions. Some clients require six or more treatments. Other clients just keep coming back because they love the relaxation!

"Absolutely amazing!!! From being too nervous to leave the house to feeling back to normal in a few weeks..... The feeling as you leave is worth the money on its own..... I would highly recommend Gemma as she can work miracles!!!!"