Hypnosis for Birth Lancashire

Calm & Contented Testimonials 

"Gemma is an incredible hypnotherapist! She has such a welcoming personality that you can't help but feel instantly at ease with her. She has a deep understanding of her practices and the human mind, but what sets her apart is her genuine compassion and understanding, and her areas of specialism. If you're considering hypnotherapy then Gemma is your lady!" EF


"I've only had one relaxation session with Gemma and I already feel more relaxed about my pregnancy. Once I'm past 20 weeks I intend to see her again as I think the techniques will really help reduce my fear of labour and help me relax and enjoy my pregnancy." KP


"I am currently having hypnotherapy sessions with Gemma to help me to relax, as I am a million miles an hour!! Even after one session I immediately felt a sense of deep relaxation, which I never thought I would be able to achieve! After the 2nd session I felt like everything was almost in HD- sharp, clear & I finally feel more focused again! Gemma is a true professional, with a great understanding, presence and grace...without a doubt, I would highly recommend!" RR


"Enthusiastic & empowering - very pleasant and welcoming . Would definitely recommend" Expectant Midwife




"After the first session, which was for issues unrelated to pregnancy and childbirth, I went away feeling immediately like a heavy weight had been lifted from me. I have been so calm since, and I still cannot believe how quickly my hypnotherapy session has worked. I would recommend this service for any issues that you may have, however silly they may seem to you. Don't accept that you have to carry around all of your problems like a ball and chain. Use this service to shed them and feel much more balanced, in control, and calm and contented." JS


"Gemma came across very well and her knowledge of Hypnotherapy was excellent!!! Really enjoyed these sessions and would highly recommend Gemma :)" RC


"Gemma was excellent at dealing with sensitive/embarrassing issues calmly & matter of factly" EC


"Gemma is a an absolutely fabulous & instantly made us feel relaxed. NH has reinforced my beliefs that I can give birth naturally and without fear." CT


"I had a session with Gemma before the birth of my second child. She was fantastic, she really helped me to vocalise and address some fears I had been holding onto about the birth. She was immensely caring and professional and I would recommend her to any mum to be." Sarah, mum of two


"5 star, Gemma has a lovely, calm and gentle air about her....which makes me feel calm and grounded when I am with her. Perfect personality for teaching Natal Hypnotherapy!" ADC


"Had a great day! Looking forward to using the skills leant today and keeping my wife calm. The most important thing I leant was how relaxing can help and ease pain" Father preparing for second birth


"Gemma has clearly listened to my concerns and made the workshop address my fears. A great course and delivered by a competent and enthusiastic trainer. Thank You!" Mum-to-be


"Thank you to the lovely Gemma Webster for the fab talk on Natal Hypnotherapy yesterday at the Enlightening Lunch. I especially enjoyed the relaxation session, very relaxing indeed. Felt relaxed all day after that." Monique Rembowski Midwife Blackpool Victoria Hospital


"Labour couldn't have gone any better! Was out shopping for the day having niggles every 10 minutes and enjoying an 'all you can eat' pizza hut! Got home at 4pm, became stronger. In a lavender bath by 4:30pm. Hypnotherapy CD put on at 5:30ish when i had paracetamol. 6:15pm my friend came round to sit with me while my husband ate and packed the car. Arrived at birth centre at 7pm. Inhaling frankincense......amazing stuff! Baby arrived at 7:41pm. So no pain relief used apart from paracetamol, bath and frankincense. And no stitches either!!! Loving my breastfeeding journey too although tiring at times! 7.5 months and still going strong! I am recommending you!" First time Mum (& Midwife)