Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Control


Can Hypnotherapy help?



Hypnotherapy does not provide a quick fix for weight control. Weight loss is one treatment that takes maximum commitment from the client. 


Sessions are centred around losing weight in a safe and comfortable way. There are no strict diet plans or exercise regimes! No foods need to be off limits. The aim is to help you to maintain a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle that is right for you.



Hypnotherapy can help to:
  • Establish realistic goals.

  • Stop emotional eating - No more eating when you are stressed out.

  • Break habits - No more reaching for the biscuits tin!

  • Eat 'real' food - and become attracted to nutritious alternatives.

  • Reframe old beliefs - No more feeling like you must empty your plate!

  • Eat mindfully - stop when you are full...

  • Enjoy food!

  • Help you feel in control.

  • Improve your self image.

  • Reinforce motivation & willpower.

Have your cake and eat it!